Aim & Objective

To work for a Peaceful and progressive World by putting all my energies, efforts and time for the upliftment and benefits of Poor and needy people of our society, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.

To work for creation of an environment for promotion of Art and culture, Peace, Harmony and brotherhood.

To bring together people from different walks of life including students, young men and women, Businessmen, Industrialists, Laureates, Writers & Poets, Thinkers and people from almost all other areas to contribute for the protection and awareness of HUMAN RIGHTS.

To create awareness about Protection of dignity and human rights and to work with like-minded people for establishing and promoting schools and Gurukuls with secular credentials, setting up of Literacy camps, Hospitals, Dispensaries, Healthcare centres, Manav Sewa Ashrams for handicapped and Old Age care homes.

To create an atmosphere of peace among all citizens of India, help promote awareness to fight against Communalism, Terrorism and all other forms of Crimes.

To organize various Camps including Blood-Donation Camps, Eye-care camps, Heart-care Camps, AIDS Awareness camps, Cancer Awareness camps, De-addiction camps with the help of volunteer Doctors, prominent Surgeons and various other Associations and Organizations.

To organize Seminars, Conferences and Cultural Programmes for spreading awareness about the issues concerning Human rights and honour prominent social as well as Political individuals and bodies involved in the implementation of all Social Causes for the benefits of poor, underprivileged, needy and weak persons.

To create a benchmark of services in our society, for all those, who are in dire need of help and care.