Welcome to International Human Rights Protection Commission !!

The Commission has constantly been striving to make living in the Society of India and globe a pleasant experience. The ‘Commission’ has attempted to pen down certain ‘Guidelines’ for the welfare of all people of the world that will make you feel the difference. These ‘Guidelines’ are drafted on the basis of Indian Constitution and until revised, we request you kindly to abide by them. Our social, economical and political freedom is meaningless without the protection of human rights. It is responsibility of each of us to fight for human rights. It is mockery of religion and caste on basis of which a man is exploiting another! Atrocities, brutality and cruelty are the order of the day.

Even today the concept of bonded labour still exists and rights of literate work force are being circumvented. Today a policy of apartheid is being adopted and the concept of untouchability is still very prominent. Even today Human Rights are being exploited and misused on the basis of the caste, creed, sex, region & religion. The people are still being exploited and there is great injustice all over due to which our Indian culture is eroding fast. Even today, racial discrimination is the basic of exploitation of the mankind, creating inequalities based on inheritance.

Please rise your hand for those helpless childrens who need it!

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